We are the Pioneers.

We believe in the enormous potential of lacrosse,
and will spread the excitement to everyone.

In Japan, lacrosse began with each and every member being involved in creating and spreading this brand new sport. This DNA has been passed on to our generation.

With the lacrosse pride in our heart, and with the enormous potential the sport possesses, JLA plans to spread the excitement of the sport to as many people as possible.


Go beyond the limit.

Without having any conventional wisdom and by repeatedly challenging, we make lacrosse more freely enjoyable.

Lacrosse is a sport that has continuously evolved since it gave birth. We do not believe that the present form of the sport is perfect. Not being bound by its old norm, each and every one of us has the passion of evolving the sport with the bright future in mind. While preserving the rich traditions, we will help lacrosse evolve into a sport that can be more freely enjoyed by anyone. We will go beyond the limit to make this evolution happens.


#1 Be Proactive: this is where the fun is.

JLA is a young organization with short history. Each and every member has a spirit of independence, and thinks and acts proactively with curiosity and playfulness in their minds.

#2 Be honest.

We maintain integrity as a member of the society. We will confirm it with our members and enhance each other.

#3 Produce lacrosse members whom Japan can be proud of.

To produce world-class players, coaches, referees and people who engage in management of organization, we will provide various types of support. We will put emphasis on building up not only the competition and the techniques but also the personalities.

#4 Lacrosse makes friends.

There is a special bond nurtured by playing lacrosse. We will help create opportunities where members can interact with friends not only within Japan, but also from all around the world, and develop friendships with them.

#5 Operate with diverse and unique individuals, having one goal in mind.

We believe that diversity is what makes an organization durable and rich. JLA wants to be a community in which volunteers and professionals collaborate together by willingly bringing their expertise.

#6 No hierarchy, and to have equal friendship.

In JLA, although each person has a different role, there is no hierarchical relationship. As Japanese lacrosse spread through grassroots activities, everyone is equally as important, regardless of their age or position.

#7 Love lacrosse!

Everybody is connected through the love of lacrosse. This is why we believe that we can create any future if we work together.