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 JLA mission Statement

The mission of Japan Lacrosse Association(JLA)
  The mission of JLA is to promote lacrosse nationwide; improve the quality and techniques within the sport which will raise the attractiveness of the sport.
The principal ideas of JLA
  JLA will actualize its mission throughout the following ideas.
    #1 Lacrosse gives us Pride
      All members should be proud to be involved with lacrosse and should promote the sport itself.
    #2 Lacrosse is part of our Culture
      All members of JLA should act voluntarily and cooperate with each other which will raise the quality of the sport, contribute to athletic spirit.- increase enjoyment.
    #3 Lacrosse makes Friends
      All members of JLA should hold their lacrosse encounter in high esteem and endeavor to expand their activity both domestically and internationally.



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