Outline of International Lacrosse Friendship Games


- International Lacrosse Friendship Games initiated in 1989. The 23th ILFG will be held in 2011.

- ILFG is sponsored by JLA.

- JLA is honored to have the attendance of the Royal Family.

- Supported by organizations (NPO, governmental offices) mentioned below;
     (*Please note that there will be alterations of the sponsors.)    
        Japan Foreign Ministry, Lacrosse Association of the member of the Diet, Embassies in Japan,
        Tokyo Metropolis, Edogawa Ward, Osaka City, Handa City

- Cooperating and Supporting firms mentioned below;
     (*Please note that there will be alterations of the sponsors.)
        Tokyo Metro(Teito Rapid Transit Authority), Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd,
        Tokuyama Corporation, General Motors Corporation,etc

- Media Coverage: The results of the main games of ILFG are covered by Television programs and newspapers in Japan. Main games digest (60mins) is covered by Cable TV (nation network). JLA mediates copyrights to TV stations in US in cases all rights are reserved to us.


- Numerous volunteers composed of coaches, players and students are the essential to operate ILFG.

- The aims to hold the ILFG are focused to the following two points. Firstly, to inspire the Japanese lacrosse players with a higher standard of techniques and knowledge of the sport which US, Canada, Australia and UK are known to be the forerunners. Secondly, during the visit, mutual understanding of cultures and international friendship would surely develop by sharing common experiences.

- Various programs are settled during the visit to our country. Games against the National Team will be held at the Edogawa track and field Stadium with crowd of thousands.(Johns Hopkins University vs. National Team 8630 people in 2002)

- A courtesy visit to the Royal family, Takamadonomiya, a home-stay program and sight seeing to Asakusa, Kamakura, Nikko and Kyoto will be a great opportunity to understand Japanese culture. JLA assures this visit will give teams a unique experience.


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