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Friendship between USA-Japan players(Boston) [International Friendship Games]

投稿日時:2013/06/08(土) 22:58

Boston University left Japan on 7th, June.
(Photo; Players of Boston University and Liaison Staff, Last day)

Players of Japan and the United States deepened friendship in tourism and daily life, not only the game.
The following is the report written by Liaison staffs and Hosts.

■31th, May (Fri)
Players of Boston University arrived in Japan the day before. We went tourism to Akihabara today.

■2nd, June (Sun)
Liaison staffs supported and cheered Boston University in the game.
Good Game, all members of Boston University!

Players of Boston University were surprised, "I did not think a lot of people will come to see so much".
They were aligned at the opening ceremony.

I was able to experience that can not be usually.
Today is last day of homestay. But  I want to continue being friends with them.

■3rd, June (Mon)
I went to Kamakura with members of Boston University and UMBC.

■6th, June (Thu)
Then they went Aasakusa, Akihabara.
And we enjoyed the conversation at the farewell party.

・Text&Photo:JLA Liaison staff, Chiaki Syuto, Nanako Kanai,  JLA Host Staff
・Photo:JLA Staff, Taro Endo